Starting out in the super yacht industry is an exciting and rewarding choice of employment. Some choose to use the experience as a gap year while many others follow it as a long term and extremely rewarding career path.

The MCA set the world standards which are followed by numerous other countries.The industry provides safe and rewarding employment for young persons.

What do I need to qualify to work in this rewarding industry?

You will need to:

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PYT is your first choice MCA approved training provider.

PYT is recognised by the industry as a world class super yacht crew training academy. The savings on most of our course modules could well cover your traveling costs to South Africa.

Our value for money is hard to beat in the world of super yacht training. Our course schedule is designed to be flexible to suit super yacht crew.

Let us kick start your steps up the ladder of command.

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A look into the fire fighting classroom

Piet Meyer, one of PYT's Fire Fighting lecturers pictured standing in the middle of the classroom informing the students on what to expect in their practical. The Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course is delivered over a 3 day period. It includes theory and practical elements as well as an examination. Fires are any crew members' worst nightmare. Your immediate reaction can save lives as well as the vessel. You will learn the theory of fire, fight fires with hoses and extinguishers, become a member of a fire fighting team and rescue "fellow crew members" in the dark using breathing apparatus. These are important skills and must be acquired by every crew member. Competence is shown in both theory and practical sessions.

Posted By Roxanne Oschman on March 10 2015

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